Medication-Assisted Treatment for OBOT and OTP

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Treatments for opioid addiction require expertise and innovation

For office based opioid treatment (OBOT) and opioid treatment programs (OTP), finding a purpose-built technology that supports medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is vital.

Your technology needs to be smart enough to handle your complex clinic workflow and strict state and federal regulatory requirements. With the right software, you can achieve optimal efficiency allowing you to help more patients in need.

How Kipu Health Helps Medication-Assisted Treatment for OBOT and OTP

Built alongside MAT providers, Kipu EMR enables clinics to spend less time on manual processes and more time on patient care.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Proficiently support high patient volume with customizable multi-queuing technology

Easily handle a variety of liquid dispensing pump brands including IVEK and SciLog as well as manual dispensing options

Address flexible daily, weekly, or monthly medication ordering including split-dosing, tapers/titrations and exception handling

Meet end-of-day procedures and DEA requirements with automated inventory reconciliation and reporting

Quickly produce operational reports to track phase compliance and no shows

Have the ability to integration with Lighthouse Central Registry

Seamlessly manage electronic prescriptions for OBOT clinics

Advance prepare doses with built-in pharmacy pre-pour workflow

Optimize your clinic’s operations by tracking average wait and processing-time spent in queues

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