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Kipu CRM is the bridge between patients and your clinic or treatment center. With a deep understanding of the complexities, workflows, and needs you are faced with—Kipu CRM effectively manages referrals, boosts marketing efforts, and streamlines admission processes. Combining Kipu CRM with Kipu EMR allows your business to benefit from a single platform that maximizes results while eliminating redundancies and errors.

Discover how Kipu CRM helps admit over 100,000 patients annually.

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Admissions is a vital component of a facility’s success as they are often the first point of contact for patients in need of help and support

With a myriad of critical responsibilities, they need to be properly supported by software that allows them to focus their energy on prospective patients. Kipu CRM integrates with the Kipu EMR to streamline admission team processes, providing the support they need to make their work more efficient resulting in a smoother patient journey. Optimize workflows and enhance team productivity by providing a centralized platform for the admissions team to manage their work.

Insurance verification

Expedite the verification process by conducting instant patient insurance eligibility checks, enabling access to comprehensive benefits information and a complete verification history.

Vacancy visibility

Attain valuable insights into the pipeline through the Opportunity Analysis dashboard, enabling informed decision-making.

Track transportation

Efficiently track patient transportation to and from the facility using the integrated Travel Board.

Accurate contact data

Increase accuracy and confidence by utilizing address verification tools to ensure accurate data entry from the start.

Streamline data entry

Minimize duplicate data entry by seamlessly syncing data, forms, and opportunities between the CRM and Kipu EMR-automatically generating pre-admission charts for patients.

Pipeline visibility

Stay up to date on bed availability directly within the CRM, using real-time information from the EMR through the interactive Bed Board feature.

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Empower business development professionals to drive growth and expand the patient base

To streamline their outreach efforts, track performance, and manage leads effectively, they need the right software—whether in the office or on-the-go. Enter Kipu CRM. It saves time, reduces costs, and enables focused efforts on building meaningful relationships with potential patients and referral sources—leading to facility growth and success.

Email integration

Integrate your email for seamless activity logging in the CRM to automatically capture and associate email messages with the relevant records—saving time, eliminating double entry, and ensuring accurate and complete records.

Manage referrals

Focus on nurturing underperforming referrers while expressing gratitude to top-performing referrers by analyzing referral source patterns to optimize your time.

Actionable insights

Acquire valuable insights and provide actionable analytics to the business regarding opportunities and referrals—both inbound and outbound.

Personalize outreach

Personalize the patient and referrer journey by managing and tracking previous communication interactions and schedule future outreach seamlessly.


Stay connected and productive even while on-the-go with our mobile-friendly views that provide easy access to information and seamless data input.

Track productivity

Monitor real-time productivity metrics as a team or individually to ensure steady progress towards your goals.

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Marketing promotes and differentiates services, but faces challenges like limited budgets, time constraints, and measuring campaign effectiveness

With Kipu CRM, teams can easily segment audiences, personalize messaging, and automate communication workflows. It streamlines website form fills, integrates with commonly used software, and saves time for more meaningful tasks. Ultimately, Kipu CRM optimizes marketing efforts, reduces costs, and proves ROI—enabling marketers to increase the facility’s reach.

Measure event success

Track the success of your marketing events, allowing you to measure their impact and make informed decisions.

Marketing integrations

Integrate with third-party platforms—such as call tracking vendors, email providers, and Google Analytics—to close the loop and optimize your campaign targeting.

Campaign targeting

Filter and refine your audience easily to deliver the right message at the optimal time, maximizing its effectiveness and engagement.

Source-code tracking

Harness the power of source-code tracking for advertising, social media, referrals, campaigns, and more, enabling you to identify the most effective mediums that yield the highest return on investment.

Optimize leads

Automatically convert prospective patient information collected from forms on your website into actionable tasks, ensuring no valuable lead slips through the cracks.

Track ROI

Access a comprehensive set of pre-built marketing analytics to report on your return on investment and celebrate your achievements.

Sample dashboard with patient, new task and post-discharge patients

Alumni management provides ongoing support to former patients, but faces challenges such as limited resources and contact tracking

Kipu CRM helps overcome these challenges by providing a centralized platform to manage alumni contacts, track engagement, and automate outreach efforts. By segmenting alumni and personalizing communications to increase engagement, alumni management teams are enabled to strengthen relationships, reduce readmission risks, and improve long-term outcomes.

Tailor messaging

Target and communicate with alumni by segmenting them based on various criteria, allowing for tailored messaging such as educational content, surveys, event invitations, or engagement on social media.

Program promotion

Increase awareness and participation in the alumni program by promoting its benefits to patients currently in treatment, fostering a higher likelihood of engagement and continued support post-treatment.

List targeting

Assign an alumni coordinator to each former patient and efficiently filter and sort the alumni list based on coordinator assignments for streamlined management.

Manage follow-up

Establish and manage phone call follow-up tasks at regular intervals after discharge to maintain contact and support for former patients.

Communication preferences

Manage alumni communication preferences effortlessly with user-friendly opt-in and opt-out statuses, ensuring you cater to individual preferences.


Seamlessly integrate Kipu CRM into your existing technology ecosystem right from the start to unlock enhanced efficiency throughout your facility.

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Kipu’s CRM software provides expertise, insights, and analytics to move you forward.

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