Interoperability is one of the most used buzz words in the EMR world, yet it is the least implemented. In a perfect world, a patient’s health files would reside in a central database run by a non-profit organization, which could be read by every EMR. While Kipu supports and is working towards the Shared Nationwide Interoperability standard, we have an intermediate solution. With Kipu, the leading EMR for addiction treatment, you can send and receive locked (they cannot be changed downstream) patient files. For example, a detox facility running Kipu can send the entire or parts of the patient file to a residential treatment center or PHP treatment facility.

  • Kipu sets up consent forms for patients to approve.
  • Facilities “connect” with a “request” and “acceptance.”
  • The sender selects all or sections of the patient’s chart.
  • Send File and Receive File

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