Progress Notes

A detailed menu of selected wording and sentences allows your staff to construct progress notes easily based on behavioral definitions and therapeutic interventions. Progress notes, inclusive of the Wiley progress note planner and other existing library contributions, provides an array of treatment approaches. That gives you the freedom to develop customized notes. The allowing clinical staff to expend more time on the patient and less on preparation. Our “Golden Thread” embedded system also provides suggestions for review and implementation as needed.

  • Entire Wiley progress notes embedded within the Kipu library along with additional library contributions
  • Upon implementation, all client progress notes are digitized and added to the library
  • Additional market progress notes are available to be purchased and added through the “Kipu Marketplace
  • Freedom to develop or modify/customize and save progress notes.

Allows your staff to construct progress notes easily based on behavioral definitions and therapeutic interventions.

Exceeding Expectations

Your clinical staff has the ability to develop, create, or utilize progress notes that meet or exceed their patient’s needs. Individualized notes can be coupled to the treatment plan, intervention goal, or objective with ease. A library of progress notes, inclusive of the Wiley progress notes planner, your own compilation of years of experience and other library contributions, all embedded and easy to pick and assemble. Progress notes that are consistent with evidence-based treatment interventions and provide a vast array of treatment approaches that correspond with behavioral problems and diagnostic categories.

Each progress note statement created or within the library, now becomes directly integrated with the behavioral definition and therapeutic intervention. Kipu also offers the “Golden Thread” which allows you to manage a complete episode of care by suggesting a treatment thread that connects each segment of the episode, from assessment to testing and progress notes. Kipu EMR allows you to focus your time on the patient and not on the paperwork.

Kipu provides years of experience and the latest in clinical progress notes all in one easy to manage format. Just click, create, and save.

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