The KipuEMR Tour

Welcome to the industry’s most respected EMR, developed specifically for the addiction and behavioral health treatment industry. Just click to get started, or for information on a specific tour stop, click on the icons below.

This Tour takes you through the entire EMR journey, from Pre-Admission and CRM to Outcome Measures and Billing. Full, end-to-end efficiency, speed and ease of use. Click now and see why Kipu EMR is the Gold Standard.

The KipuEMR Tour
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What's on the Tour?

The Tour follows the journey of the Kipu EMR, step by step, from Pre-Admission to Billing.
1 Pre-Admission
2 VOB Getter
3 Full-Strength CRM
4 Smart UR
5 Admissions
6 Urgent Issue
7 Conditional Logic
8 Fast Form Creator
9 ICD 10 & DSM 5
10 Assessment Tools
11 Patient Occupancy
12 Appointment Calendar
13 Meds Management
14 Kipu eRX
15 Lab 3.0 Interface
17 Golden Thread®
18 Therapy Sessions
19 Kipu Messenger
20 Signature Levels
21 Treatment Progress Notes
22 Rounds & Security Checks
23 Homework Planner
24 ChartCheck
25 Message Center
26 Discharge Planner
27 ChartTracker
28 Reporting
29 AfterCare
30 Outcome Measures
31 Integrated Billing
32 Kipu Telehealth

Individual EMR Components

Here’s a breakdown of the individual technologies that comprise the Kipu EMR.

 Pre-Admission Pre-Admission
Records and tracks the initial interaction between your facility and potential patients …
 VOB Getter VOB Getter
Verification of Benefits just got a whole lot better. Available 24/7/365 …
 Full-Strength CRM Full-Strength CRM
Customized for your business; increases your admissions …
 Smart UR Smart UR
Utilization Review just got smarter, now with advanced tracking for insurance …
 Admissions Admissions
In Kipu, you can see who’s being discharged with a single click …
 Urgent Issue Urgent Issue
Any staff member can create Urgent Issue in the event they discover an issue that …
 Conditional Logic Conditional Logic
Build if/then scenarios into questions within your evaluations. Integrates your …
 Fast Form Creator Fast Form Creator
The Kipu team will digitally recreate each and every form from your paper process or …
 ICD 10 & DSM 5 ICD 10 & DSM 5
We help avoid invalid diagnosis codes. Kipu has updated the view of the list of ICD-10 …
 Assessment Tools Assessment Tools
Use pre-loaded assessment tools, customize your own from a library of provided forms …
 Patient Occupancy Patient Occupancy
The ability to track occupancy across various physical locations only …
 Appointment Calendar Appointment Calendar
Track daily, weekly, monthly appointments, tag billable appts., create custom …
 Meds Management Meds Management
Interface with devices & programs like lab systems, breathalyzers, or SalesForce …
 Kipu eRX Kipu eRX
KipuEMR software features digital prescriptions for safe & accurate pharmacy orders …
 Lab 3.0 Interface Lab 3.0 Interface
Over 90 testing lab partners allowing you to process orders & digitally share the results …
Medical Necessity Documentation Report™ Kipu EMR can generate the Statements of Medical …
 Golden Thread® Golden Thread®
Link all aspects of your medical, clinical, or spiritual treatment process, including the treatment plan.
 Therapy Sessions Therapy Sessions
Allows therapists clinicians to enter individual session notes in any way preferred including SOAP and DAP.
 Kipu Messenger Kipu Messenger
Fully HIPAA-compliant messaging and TeleHealth, plus secure surveys, signatures (patient and/or guardian) …
 Signature Levels Signature Levels
You control what, who, and how many levels of signatures are required
 Treatment Progress Notes Treatment Progress Notes
A detailed menu of selected wording & sentences allows your staff to construct patient progress notes easily.
 Rounds & Security Checks Rounds & Security Checks
KipuEMR will create your Rounds/Qs based on your customized schedules, with recurring intervals of your …
 Homework Planner Homework Planner
100s of pre-existing homework plans allow staff to individualize assignments based on patient’s needs.
 ChartCheck ChartCheck
Your Kipu virtual auditor. Displays what documentation is due, when it is due and if or not it has been completed …
 Message Center Message Center
Allows for secure, confidential internal discussion on patient issues, e-mail and text alerts …
 Discharge Planner Discharge Planner
Easy to use screens make the discharge process easy, fast, accurate, and efficient.
 ChartTracker ChartTracker
A ‘one-click,’ efficient way to transfer and track episodes of care across multiple locations within a Master Instance …
 Reporting Reporting
Analyze your business, review billing and utilization, and evaluate patient treatment.
 AfterCare AfterCare
Nurture recovery & ensure compliance with prescribed Aftercare requirements.
 Outcome Measures Outcome Measures
Performance tracking of improvements, quality of services rendered, & progress.
 Integrated Billing Integrated Billing
New Integrated billing built within the KipuEMR.
 Kipu Telehealth Kipu Telehealth
Full-featured Telehealth comes to the KipuEMR.