Join Tracy Lamb, President of CoronisHealth, as she expands on the top 10 billing challenges that treatment facilities face and meeting payor guidelines.

Tracy Lamb

Tracy Lamb joined ReliaBill in 2016 to spearhead Business Development and oversee Account Management, Onboarding and Credentialing. Her primary role was acquiring new accounts and retaining existing clients. Mrs. Lamb has successfully overseen the expansion of ReliaBill’s client base to over 70 accounts while fostering strong relationships for long term retention. She was promoted to CEO early 2019 and retained as President of the Behavioral Health division under new ownership. Mrs. Lamb has over 30 years’ experience managing large teams in a Fortune 700 to smaller privately held organizations. Her career includes 8 years as an expatriate leading diverse groups across 8 countries based in the UK and Germany. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami.

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