Introducing the Voices of Behavioral Health

Introducing the Voices of Behavioral Health (VOBH) – a space where real conversations take center stage. We're thrilled to kick off this fresh thought leadership series, bringing together a vibrant mix of Kipu partners and clients, all set to dive into topics buzzing within the behavioral health realm. It's not your typical discussion platform; it's a heartfelt gathering of minds, a chance to share stories, ideas, and perspectives that truly matter.

At WCSAD, we asked behavioral health leaders two questions: What is the biggest challenge facing behavioral health today? And what are you most excited for in behavioral health? Watch the video below to hear what these voices had to say!

The Voices of Behavioral Health isn't just about talk. Together, we're on a mission to raise the bar in how we care for our patients, to shed light on the industry, and to show how interconnected we all are. Every voice counts, and together, we can create waves of change that touch countless lives.

A Better Path to Better Behavioral Healthcare

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