Keystroke Saver

As you type, every keystroke is saved by Kipu. That means a power failure or lost internet connection does not cause you to lose any open work. An additional benefit of Keystroke Saver is that Kipu does not require any File Locking. That means multiple personnel can work in the same form at the same time, and each user’s Keystrokes are saved as they work. For example, during admission, one staff member might be updating the pre-assessment while another is adding information from a pre-admission interview in the same form at the same time.​

  • No file locking: Multiple staff members can work in the same form at the same time
  • Saves every keystroke as entered, so you never lose work because you forgot to save, or because of a power failure, internet interruption, etc.

*Except in some instances like building/modifying a form and other places where keystrokes should not be saved. You’ll know this when you see the rare (submit) button