The Components of Value Based Care

A series helping you to align on staff training, technology, and partnering with payers.

To kick off our series on value-based care, we’re beginning with a topic that is at the core of any alternative payment model – data.

Create a Plan

Before embarking on a value-based care journey, we know it’s essential to create a plan for your data and to ensure you have the right interoperability between systems to foster seamless, organized access to the information you need to tie reimbursement to outcomes.

Now is the time to:

  • Create new workflows
  • Identify your sources of truth
  • Analyze what’s being authorized by insurance companies
  • Uncover trends

These factors help to optimize your data so you can validate it, test it, and report on it – all leading to a successful transition to value. 

We know this can be a challenge, and requires more staff training, the right technology and a partnership with payers. As we continue our series on value-based care, we’ll provide our guidance on how to align all three.

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