Therapy Sessions

Individual and group sessions Individual therapy sessions are the glue that binds everything throughout the entire episode of care. Kipu EMR allows the therapist/clinician to enter notes in any way preferred including SOAP and DAP, plus what we call “sausage notes”, which connect each individual note together like a string of sausages. Log reports give billers a complete record of billable events so that nothing gets missed when billing is required.

  • Up to 3 levels of signature/approval – therapist, clinical director, and/or executive director or others. You can set signature/approval requirements in any form, anywhere.
  • Sign with mouse, touch screen, signature pad, pre-saved 4 digit pin, or fingerprint scanner
  • Billing reports that record each billable event coupled with services rendered

Upon admission, program tracks are assigned as required by the therapist, which can include assignment of group sessions (e.g. alcohol, trauma, gambling). After or during the session, therapist notes are compiled by group and individually by patient. Both sets of notes are then merged and saved for (insurance and) clinical review. Each session is time stamped for a complete check and balance in regards to attendance. Assignment of homework, classwork, or group-work, inclusive of frequency, is assigned directly from the group session module and denoted on each patient file.

  • Sign with mouse, touch screen, signature pad, 4-digit PIN, or fingerprint scanner
  • Log audit reports with detailed information on each session

Once program tracks are created by the clinical staff for the patient, group sessions are assigned. Patients can be assigned to one or multiple groups as needed or required by treatment. Attendance login is provided in three formats: sign-in sheets, tablet/ipad, fingerprint reader. During the session or upon its completion, the therapist compiles notes that are for the group in its entirety and then notes particular to each patient. Group specifics and interaction, along with patient individualized notes, are merged and saved within the group session and individual file. From the notes section, the clinician can request/enter additional services or provide information/assignments, such as homework, classwork, or groupwork. Log audit reports provide the medical staff with detailed information on each session and facilitates (insurance and) clinical reviews. In addition, billing reports link actual service provided for billing.