Bridge Billing

A Safe Way To Bring Billing In-House.

In the ever-changing environment of commercial insurance billing, payor behavior has become increasingly complicated and unpredictable. Facilities often rely on third-party billers without the requisite expertise to evaluate their performance. Every rumor of “secret billing codes” makes facilities jump to the next biller. This trend of hopping from biller to biller, only to realize that the grass isn’t always greener along with the cost optimizations required, has many facilities feeling that their only option is to in-source the entire process. The problem with this is that taking billing in-house all at once can be like jumping out of a third-story window. Well, Kipu has built you an escalator. ​

Ask yourself this: if you gave notice today to your billing company that you wanted to in-source and you needed your data, how would they respond? Would they work your claims with the same fervor as before now that they know you will not be an ongoing customer? Or, would they hold your A/R hostage for a fee, causing a massive disruption in your collections?

Through the Bridge Billing program, Kipu and our Certified Gold Billers guide you through the process in a smooth, collaborative manner.


Initiate Optimization​

You move your billing to a Kipu Certified Gold Biller under a short-term agreement and the Bridge Biller understands from day one you may not plan to be a long-term customer. Through the Bridge Billing program, you will gain access to Kipu’s innovative revenue management software platforms free of charge, which will streamline your workflow, increase VOB turnaround time, increase billing accuracy, and save valuable time!​

Kipu CRM (Lite)

  • Manage leads
  • Initiate VOBs
  • Monitor VOB progress
  • Mobile friendly!


  • Unlimited instant VOBs
  • Automated monitoring of policies for active status while in treatment
  • Notifications of coverage lapse guaranteed within four days of lapse

Kipu Billing Interface

  • Track billable items, including facility charges, ancillary services, and facility lab services
  • Aggregate billable items in our intuitive interface, which ensures that you never miss a billable item
  • Perform automated error checking and chart scrubbing so that you can be confident that your bills are fully substantiated by accurate and complete documentation
  • Kipu and your Bridge Biller will execute the implementation of these software solutions, as well as the claims processing system, which you will eventually use to process your own claims


Train and Optimize

Your Bridge Biller will provide the full spectrum of billing services including VOBs, UR, claim submission, claim follow up, payment posting, A/R auditing, and financial reporting as you rest easy knowing that they are taking care of every step of the process. During this process, your team will become familiar with the new tools without being overwhelmed by the complexity of also having to bill, collect, and post. After 6-12 months, you and your Gold Biller will set a target date by which you would like to have all processes in-house. You’ll learn billing codes and process, which payors require modifiers on the billing codes, and what the little secrets are to dealing with each payor and the clearinghouse. ​


A Gradual Transition

Your Kipu Gold Biller will work with you by training your team to take over one part of the process at a time until every stage is completely and confidently handled by your in-house billing team.

  • VOB
  • UR
  • Coding
  • Billing and claims
  • Collections
  • Resubmissions of underpaid/denied claims

If at any time you need your Gold Biller to step back in to help with any part of the billing process, you can do so with a single phone call.​


The Hand-Off

Once you are fully confident in your internal team’s ability to take your billing over for good, your Gold Biller will transfer your claims database without any loss of data. You will assume control of your own billing, and your claims history, payment activity, and reporting will be handed over seamlessly. You will cease paying your Gold Biller for services and will instead be billed by Kipu for our all-inclusive integrated billing platform.​


The Kipu Promise

Kipu provides ongoing 24/7 training, support, and service of your integrated billing platform, all included in our modest monthly fees. You never have to worry about turnaround time again. Contact Kipu at 561.349.5901.