Which Software Should You Use To Support Telehealth?

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Telehealth is growing in popularity due in part to the pandemic, but also as a way to help support clients in a more efficient manner. If your addiction treatment program is looking for a way to offer these services, Kipu Health can help with software for telehealth designed to be easy to use and highly reliable. Take a closer look at what telehealth treatment software could mean for your practice.

Why Choose Kipu for Telehealth Treatment Software?

Kipu offers a wide range of services. These include:

Aside from providing exceptional access to the solutions you need, Kipu is also very easy to use. Moving from the software you are using now to our products is easy to do and doesn’t require a significant amount of retraining for your employees.

To see exactly how our software for telehealth works, check out our KipuEMR Tour. Take a few minutes to see exactly what you’ll experience when you make the change.

Why Invest in Software for Telehealth?

Many addiction treatment programs were hit hard when the pandemic raged and states closed down locations and care access. Beyond a doubt, people still needed drug and alcohol treatment, but they suddenly were closed off from the professionals they needed.

Though telehealth has been used for some time, the pandemic pushed it to the forefront of must-have technology for addiction treatment programs. That’s why so many people today are back to treatment. They can log in anywhere and work with their therapist without having to visit the office to do so. That empowers people to get help when they could not do so otherwise.

Investing in software for telehealth may help your addiction treatment center provide plenty of benefits. That may include:

  • Connecting with clients who cannot come into the treatment center due to health risks
  • Following up with clients from a distance if they’ve moved
  • Maintaining relationships with clients who may develop anxiety about care
  • Reducing the amount of time employees need to be in the treatment center by enabling at-home access to their clients
  • Maximizing care options for more people

There’s little doubt of the value of telehealth treatment software. Yet, many addiction treatment centers haven’t found a program that fits their needs or comprehensively meets their goals.

Choosing the Right Telehealth Treatment Software Matters

The value of software for telehealth is easy to see. The question becomes, then, how do you choose one over the other?

A good starting point is with HIPPA compliant software. There are a lot of concerns about privacy issues especially when professionals working from home or connecting with people over the internet. Yet, Kipu offers fully HIPAA-compliant telehealth services.

Flexible Session Options

Another key to providing the best quality of care is to offer one-to-one and group remote sessions. Telehealth still needs to facilitate the type of care that is right for every client. That generally includes both individual and group therapy sessions.

Communication Your Way

It’s always necessary to have a secure way to communicate with clients and between staff. That includes assessments, evaluations, questionnaires, consents, and much more. Choose a software program capable of providing these services in one platform. It should allow for good communication between staff as well as solid opportunities to connect with clients.

Make the Move to a More Reliable Solution with Kipu

As the largest electronic medical records company in addiction treatment, we encourage you to take a look at our software for telehealth. Kipu offers comprehensive solutions that allow your organization to remain competitive and responsive to customer needs. Learn more about our telehealth treatment software when you call 561.349.5901.