Millennium Health: An Inside Look at Drug Testing

Millennium Health presents an extensive report on Drug Use Trends during 2020, including pre-COVID to throughout the pandemic. Which drugs saw a spike in usage during the initial lockdowns? Which drugs continued to see a spike after the initial COVID-19 lockdown? Which drugs saw a drop in usage after COVID?

Millennium Health Presents Real-Time 2020-21 Data on Drug Use: Pre- and Post-COVID, During Kipu’s Two-Day “KipuExpo” Online Event. The Shocking Numbers Reveal an Explosion in Fentanyl and Methamphetamine Use, Foreshadowing Potential Trouble Ahead.

Reporting on emerging drug use trends, Millennium Health processes over one million specimens each year and provides real-time analytics through a proprietary database of urine drug test results. The Signals Report TM identifies national, regional, and state drug use trends.

CORAL GABLES, FL- March 18, 2021 – Miami, FL based KipuHealth, maker of the highly successful KipuEMR, an Electronic Medical Records system specifically designed for the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Behavioral Health treatment communities, hosted a two-day online summit, — KipuExpo — March 10 and March 11, 2021. Subject matter experts from all corners of the treatment community delivered messages on the state of the industry, including Millennium Health’s Joseph D. Stanton, Ph.D. and Eric Dawson, PharmD, who presented their latest statistics – near real-time data, normally unavailable – on drug use pre- and post-pandemic. Their presentation was a sobering reminder of the current crisis, and it has many treatment professionals concerned for the future as synthetic drugs (fentanyl) and the resurgence of methamphetamines drive a spike in overdose deaths.

The information presented was from the latest edition of Millennium Health’s Signals ReportTM.  This report includes an analysis of Millennium Health’s proprietary database of definitive urine drug test results and focuses on changing trends for non-prescribed fentanyl, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine, comparing pre-COVID-19 (March 13, 2019 – December 31, 2019) and COVID-19 (March 13, 2020 – December 31, 2020) time periods. Some highlights from the data include:

  • After initially increasing as the pandemic struck, cocaine and heroin positivity rates appear to have fallen below March 13, 2020 levels, while fentanyl and methamphetamine increased dramatically and remain at alarming levels
  • Nationally, fentanyl and methamphetamine use increased 78% and 29%, respectively
  • Fentanyl increased significantly in all U.S. census divisions, led by increases in the Pacific division. Four Pacific states (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and California) more than doubled their fentanyl positivity
  • Methamphetamine increases were led by the New England and Mid Atlantic divisions

The research done by Millennium Health highlights the fact that the United States is well within a third, and perhaps even a fourth wave of the substance use crisis that is contributing to rising drug overdose deaths. The “three waves” include first, the prescription opioid wave, second, the heroin wave, and third, the synthetic opioid wave, largely led by fentanyl, a potent substance that is highly profitable for drug trafficking organizations. The fourth wave appears to be stimulants, led primarily by growing methamphetamine use. Dr. Eric Dawson, of Millennium Health, also provided an in-depth look at gabapentinoids, and the frequency of drug detection among patients prescribed methadone to illustrate the magnitude of the problem. These real-time, innovative reports help improve the efficient use of available resources and positively impact the lives of patients, their families, and communities.

To view a full copy of the Millennium Health Signals Report, go to:

About Millennium Health Millennium Health is an accredited specialty laboratory with over a decade of experience in medication monitoring and drug testing services, helping clinicians monitor use of prescription medications and illicit drugs and analyzing specimens to find nationwide drug use trends. Our pharmacogenetic testing services help clinicians make more informed medication choices.

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About the presenters:

Dr. Joseph Stanton is the Associate Director of Clinical Affairs with Millennium Health. Dr. Stanton has over a decade of clinical research experience in chromatography, mass spectrometry, toxicology and pharmacogenetics. At Millennium Health, Dr. Stanton collaborates with various departments including, education, sales, marketing and R&D aimed at improving clinical outcomes for people suffering with pain, addiction and other mental health disorders. Dr. Stanton joined Millennium Health in 2014 and since then has educated thousands of clinicians across the country on the importance of laboratory clinical interpretation to improve patient outcomes. Prior to joining Millennium Health Dr. Stanton completed his doctoral research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine.

Eric Dawson, PharmD is the Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Millennium Health. Dr. Dawson is keenly aware of the issues of drug abuse, misuse, and diversion. Dr. Dawson is passionate about educating clinicians on the topic and has given many lectures to pharmacists, nurses, and physicians. Dr. Dawson has also authored or coauthored a number of publications on drug abuse utilizing the outcomes of his own research. Dr. Dawson earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Auburn University graduating with highest honors. He is also a licensed pharmacist in the state of Alabama.