KipuExpo | Business Intelligence for Addiction Treatment Facilities

Unlock the power of reporting and never compromise with Kipu’s Business Intelligence (BI). Join Michael Delgado, CTO, and Mark Devlin, VP of Client Success, for an overview of the last reporting capabilities offered within Kipu’s groundbreaking BI technology, available to all Kipu clients at no extra cost.

Michael Delgado brings 25 years of experience in the IT and data space and was a Founder and Chief Architect at a Fortune 500 Internet retailer. In addition, Michael was the Chief Technology Officer at Royal Caribbean Group, where he assembled a world-class team of Developers, Architects, and Analysts. His passion for working with deep data and exposing insights to help business drive efficiency has made him an effective leader in database administration, querying big data, building OLAP cubes, managing data lakes and building Business Intelligence tools. Michael is currently a member of the State of Florida Cybersecurity Taskforce reporting directly to Lieutenant Governor Nunez; prior to that, he was a board member and Chair for the American Heart and Stroke Association. Michael received his MBA from the University of Miami.

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