Hushabye Nursery celebrates its first birthday

Hushabye Nursery birthday

Hushabye Nursery celebrates its first birthday today, marking a year of life-changing treatment for babies diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome.

In the last 12 months, Hushabye has cared for more than 160 infants suffering from the effects of drug exposure during pregnancy. And since day one, the center has used Kipu to deliver its vital work.

Life-changing care
In the United States, nearly 80 newborns are diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) every day. That’s one child every 19 minutes.

Sadly, incidence of NAS has risen in recent years as opioid addiction climbs, and space in newborn intensive care units is limited. Affected babies can need up to eight weeks of critical care.

Hushabye Nursery was set up to provide that care. It provides a safe, inclusive space for treatment, and its evidence-based and compassionate approach helps to nurture babies and their families in those crucial first few weeks. Hushabye’s mission is to ensure it gives affected infants the best possible chance in life.

How Kipu has helped
With such important care to provide, Hushabye needed to find an EMR solution that could work for behavioral health, as well meet their daily needs.

Facing burdensome data requirements from grant funders, hospitals and insurance companies, the nursery also needed an EMR that could provide accurate data quickly and easily – freeing up vital time for staff and clinicians.

Kipu has allowed Hushabye to do all this, and more. “It means we don’t have to use so much manpower to collect the data, and it’s much more accurate,” says Founder Tara Sundem, adding: “What you have put together for behavioral health is fabulous. It’s easy to work with.”

Achieving great results together
Hushabye has secured more than $1 million in grant funding in its first year using Kipu.

It has also streamlined end-to-end patient care, achieving an admission duration of 6–7 days, versus the national average of 16–21. And with Kipu Charts and Records, clinicians have been able to make more informed decisions on medication, reducing costs and enabling money to be spent more accurately.

A proud partnership
Kipu has been proud to help support Hushabeye Nursery as it achieves these results, and we wish the center a happy first birthday as it continues to make a life-changing difference to babies and their families.