Instant Verification of Benefits Software for Behavioral Health

There are many ways Kipu enables and empowers your behavioral health practice. One of the solutions we offer is instant verification of benefits for behavioral health practices. This is an essential component of the way you operate. Verifying benefits can be time-consuming and frustrating to all involved. That’s why Kipu Health has designed an intuitive solution that can significantly enhance outcomes. Learn more about our behavioral health treatment software and how it can work for you.

Why Instant Verification of Benefits for Behavioral Health Matters

Our instant verification of benefits for behavioral health is designed to reduce time and improve outcomes. We designed a daily monitoring tool for every patient in your census. That allows for any concerns related to coverage to be brought to your attention immediately. It also works to poll multiple databases and payors directly when possible to return an electronic verification of the patient’s benefits. This may include basic overage information. It may also include a phone number for the payor.

Capture Results with Our Behavioral Health Treatment Software

Kipu has designed behavioral health treatment solutions capable of changing the way your business operations. Our instant verification benefits for behavioral health is just one component of our ability to change the way operations like your own function. As the gold standard EMR, and the largest electronic medical records company in the field, we’re here to help you. Your first step is to take our KipuEMR Tour. It’s a hands-on look at exactly what you can expect when you make the switch. Empower your practice’s outcomes with ease. Learn more about each of the programs we offer as well. Our resources are designed to facilitate your best outcome. This includes solutions such as:

  • EMR software programs
  • CRM software programs
  • Integrated billing solutions
  • Lab 2.0 for toxicology labs
  • Outcomes measurement solutions

What Does This Do for Your Business?

The instant verification of benefits for behavioral health practices is an exceptional tool. It can provide you with a lot of the information and insights you need to operate your business more efficiently. Take a look at some of the key features it provides.

  • Monitoring for lapses in coverage in an automated fashion
  • More accurate and reliable information than looking at one database
  • Phone verification is available with options such as two-hour, four-hour, or next day service
  • Notifications sense by email, text, or Kipu Messenger about VOB results or lapses in coverage
  • Instant electronic confirmation of coverage

In addition to this, there are many other advantages of using this service. For example, it is an effective way to reduce costs. It costs just pennies each day to monitor your patients – every one of your patients – in your Kipu census. This allows for instant benefit verification that does not have your employees stuck on the phone. Urgent notifications and lapses in coverage can be managed faster. That means less risk of having conflicts with your patients. At the same time, it’s external-biller friendly. It will send notifications internally as well as externally whenever there is a lapse in benefits. Consider the cost of a lapsed policy. It’s a common problem. With instant verification of benefits for behavioral health practices, you no longer have to worry about these complexities or costly mistakes. You’re empowered with more information and insight.

Explore the Opportunities and Solutions at Kipu

Change the way you operate your treatment program. Achieve more, grow profits, and enhance outcomes with the right instant verification benefits for behavioral health solutions we offer. At Kipu, our behavioral health treatment software is intuitive and designed to empower. Learn more about it. Take our KipuEMR Tour now for easy access to info. Or, call Kipu Health at 561.349.5901 to get started.