Document Communications

Document Communications with Clients, Families, Employers, Referrers and Case Managers

Documentation plays a central role in ensuring your facility’s success. Exceptional communication will always be at the heart of any strong facility. Having the ability to document any and all conversations take that communication and puts it in an efficient and easy to use framework that everyone can access for continual success. When everything is documented properly you are able to show your professionalism to each of your clients, no one is required to try and be a mind reader anymore, and of course, the best part is with the optimized processes you will make more money.​ Completely customizable status buckets, for example, allow you to add a bucket for referrals or social media in a few seconds and start tracking. You can also add customized follow up reminders. As leads are moved from status levels, you can track every interaction with notifications and reminders, email engagement campaigns, and even social media engagement.

Our customer relationship management platform (CRM) can have a dramatic effect on your business. Consider this: according to a study by Nucleus Research, the use of a CRM can return up to $8.71 for every $1 spent. That’s almost a 9x return! A properly implemented CRM has also been proven to increase productivity by over 50%, reduce labor costs by 40%, and quantitatively improved customer relationships by over 74%. With KipuCRM’s unique design and ease of use, our clients routinely report doubling their admissions. What’s possible for your admission rate?

It is a unique product. A CRM built just for you. We’ve engineered the KipuCRM to help you easily manage referrals and referral sources, track your ad campaigns and marketing efforts. It can assist in clinical profiling, gathering information quickly, financial screening, admissions, transportation, bed planning, and intake into the KipuEMR. No other CRM can match our technology.

And our new Business Intelligence technology will enable you to see deeper into your business, helping you make better, more profitable decisions. See everything from a simple to use dashboard. Now you’ll know what’s really going on.

Flawless Integration

KipuCRM is seamlessly integrated with your EMR. The largest problem with third-party CRMs is the lack of integration between itself and the EMR resulting in lost time and crucial information. KipuCRM eliminates this problem and not only will increase ROI but drastically reduce the possibility of human error.

The intuitive user interface is one of the most critical features we offer. Training a new employee on other CRMs can take weeks and some may even take months to properly learn how to use, but with KipuCRM, the intuitive interface drastically reduces the time needed for training. They can start using the CRM on day one!

Efficiency is important for profitability. Effectiveness is important for growth. KipuCRM combines effectiveness and efficiency by delivering complete information with an easy to navigate system. A facility is only as successful as its ability to recognize the need to combine effectiveness and efficiency in all their practices.

The KipuCRM was specifically designed for use in the treatment of SUD, eating disorders, and behavioral health, eliminating the overwhelming bloat of features that you’ll never use. CRMs like Salesforce cover a lot of ground (and cost plenty of money) but don’t plant a flag in addiction treatment. And the freeware CRMs simply lack the depth of features to serve a growing facility like yours. Kipu’s advantage: the KipuCRM was developed specifically for—and from within—the treatment community. We understand the roadblocks and challenges that you face every day—and we’ve eliminated them.

Kipu’s success is based on what we’ve learned from our 1,500 clients and 70,000 daily users. How they handle their pre-admission processes, manage their various marketing campaigns, track leads, opportunities, and referral sources, handle VOBs, and manage their overall patient pipeline with assessment software tools, triggers, and notifications. All that knowledge and experience has been baked into our CRM, and true to its heritage, it’s delightfully simple to use. Years of client-centered, agile (and ongoing) development yields the Gold Standard KipuCRM. And now, we’re unveiling our new Business Intelligence technology, delivering actionable business analytics on the fly with just a couple of clicks: patient processing analytics, demographics, conversions, referral performance, patients accepted/rejected, VOBs, and a full, easy-to-understand dashboard. One single source for the truth.

At the end of the day, it’s all about admissions. Our clients are seeing up to double admission rates when utilizing our powerful CRM technology while increasing ROI and empowering their staff to make solid and timely decisions. And a word here about implementation, training, and support. It’s pretty simple, with no fine print: we’ll have you up and running on the KipuCRM within a couple of weeks, tops. And as for training, service, support, and ongoing upgrades–they’re all FREE forever. You’ll never get charged for any of it, even if we need to visit your facility to help.

Answering Your Most Important Questions

  • What is your real cost of acquiring a patient?
  • What is the ROI on your advertising?
  • Which campaigns delivered the best results?
  • How do you find critical data quickly?
  • Where are your marketing dollars best spent?
  • How can you increase admissions?
  • How can you make sound financial decisions?

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