How To Choose Addiction Treatment EMR Software

For addiction treatment centers looking for comprehensive addiction treatment EMR software, it’s important to know the criteria that can help you choose the best tool for your clients. Learn more about the functionality of substance abuse treatment software and how to choose one for your clinic. KipuEMR provides a reliable solution that includes billing and CRM interfaces as well as an integrated billing platform.

What Is Addiction Treatment EMR Software?

how to choose an addiction treatment softwareSubstance abuse treatment software provides a repository for mental health and medical care. Similar software is used in independent physicians’ offices. These systems integrate electronic health records, facility management, telemedicine functionality, financial tools, and patient engagement in one tool. As an example, 80,000 users utilize KipuEMR as a cloud-based solution with powerful business intelligence. KipuEMR’s CRM caters to the substance abuse treatment community. It has call, email, and text tracking tools that work well with telehealth service offerings.

What to Look for in Substance Abuse Treatment Software

Choose a system that can help you track patient progress and challenges as well as update other team members on patient engagement. The following attributes make great addiction treatment EMR software stand out:

  • Designed for Substance Abuse: Instead of choosing a generic EHR tool, choose one that’s geared towards substance abuse treatment such as KipuEMR. You can take a tour of many interfaces online to make the buying decision easier. Unfortunately, generalized EHR systems don’t include all the features needed by addiction treatment providers.
  • Treatment Plan Support: Substance abuse requires numerous treatment options including long-term care. It’s important to have addiction treatment EMR software that lets you update patient care and outcomes flexibly. Additionally, it must include the ability to track short- and long-term objectives.
  • Coordinated Billing: Choose substance abuse treatment software that streamlines the billing process for accuracy and efficiency. KipuEMR tracks billing, creates invoices, and integrates with third-party billing systems.
  • Medication Management: A multifaceted tool can help you with all dimensions of client care, including medication management. The best substance abuse treatment software integrates medication management with traditional and holistic therapy outcomes. Therefore, programs such as KipuEMR should allow therapists and medical professionals to submit electronic prescriptions, such as medication-assisted treatment.

Training Support Is Important

Choose a software vendor that includes robust client support, including demo and training sessions. Reputable dealers include tutorials and multiple channels for support, including email, chat, and phone options. KipuEMR provides multiple product tours, including several on patient outcomes. Automated training solutions make it easier to onboard new addiction treatment EMR software.

Does Your Vendor Support Best Practices?

Vendors that support industry best practices help your recovery or detox center meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Choose a company familiar with the unique needs of substance abuse disorder treatment. KipuEMR has security and compliance features that can help you achieve Joint Commission accreditation. With our EHR tools, you gain the support of a respected leader in electronics health records tracking. This makes it easier to track the mental and physical status of your substance abuse clients.

KipuEMR for Addiction Treatment Centers

KipuEMR has worked hard to create a comprehensive tool that provides one-stop shopping for alcohol and drug treatment centers looking for the best addiction treatment EMR software. Our all-in-one system helps you manage clients from the intake process through the end of their recovery care. Flexible pricing options let you create boutique treatment plans for clients with varying levels of addiction and co-occurring disorders. For a free demo of KipuEMR, call us today at 561.349.5901. We would be happy to show you the tools available in our substance abuse treatment software.